General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Jim Pilcher and George Young

Real-Life Access and SQL Azure – Live Demo and Lessons Learned

Jim Pilcher and George Young

So, you’ve heard that Access front-ends with cloud-based SQL database back-ends are the future, but how does it all actually work out in a real-life enterprise application? Join DAAUG President Jim Pilcher and Vice-President George Young as we dig into the details on the real-life implementation of migrating a large all-Access database to an Access front-end using an Azure SQL Database back-end. We’ll go through the migration process, the challenges faced, and some general rules of thumb for a successful transition. We’ll have a live demo of the application, as well as a detailed look at some of the changes required in Access to optimize performance. We’ll also look at some additional benefits of having the database in SQL Azure, including a live web site and Power BI reports.

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