General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Christian Steppat

How to Sell an Application Based on Microsoft Access as a Product

Christian Steppat

Have you considered developing an Access application for sale? If so then this is the DAAUG meeting for you. Come and learn the marketing, advertising and application maintenance issues that will help you operate a profitable company.

Christian Steppat, database developer and owner of the CRM (Customer Relations Management) application called SuccessControl (CRM) will talk us through the various aspects of selling your application to individuals and companies who need it. Christian sells his SuccessControl (CRM) to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His main marketing tool is a website where interested parties can download a trial version of his application. The website is also where his customers can watch instructional videos showing the benefits and functionality of the application, and learn about recent releases. He supplements the website with a newsletter that is sent to his customers.

To limit the use of the application to the trial period, Christian uses a sophisticated technique way that is similar to cryptography. Christian will also walk us through his process for securing the application from even the likes of the NSA. And you will also learn how to interrogate a user’s computer to determine which version of Access they have installed: 2007 to 2016, 32 or 64 bit.