General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Lee Milligan

Certifiably Access: An overview of Access certification via the MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) program.

Lee Milligan

DAAUG Treasurer Lee Milligan will show how one of the most recognized and relevant certifications for Microsoft Access can be obtained and the steps of preparing for the exam process, with related resources. We will also briefly cover Certiport, the main administrator of testing solutions, and its role in the overall process.

Lee entered the IT/Software Development market in 1999 with an emphasis on Microsoft Access database creation and support of existing network distributed database applications. He soon began VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), SQL Server, and .NET development as technologies evolved. Several of his Microsoft Access database applications are still deployed in production after 18 years and have stood the test of time through over five versions of Microsoft Access.

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