General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

George Young

Analyze This! The Power of the Access Table Analyzer Wizard

George Young

One of Access's many great strengths is its power as a gatherer and merger of heterogenous data. Ever had to pull in data from an Excel spreadsheet, csv file, or other flat file format? In this presentation, we'll look at the surprising power of the Access Table Analyzer Wizard, an underappreciated little tool on the Database Tools tab that lets you normalize a flat file table lickety-split. We'll walk through some simple and not-so-simple real-world scenarios of getting your data normalized using this little hidden gem of a tool.

Also at this meeting, we will have an open forum to talk about the user group, and our annual officer elections!

George first encountered Microsoft Access when using the thirty-plus floppy disk versions of Office to teach Statistics and MIS in the early 1990’s. It’s been true love ever since. George has worked as a software developer for the past twenty-five years, half of that time at Microsoft (in just about every group other than Office). He is the founder and president of Dawson Butte Software, working primarily on .NET applications (often with Access somewhere in the mix). George still has a commercial site or two that is driven by an Access database sitting in the server file system.

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