General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Access Data Projects for Fun and Profit

Danny J. Lesandrini

Access Data Projects (ADPs) are more than just a mysterious file option in the Microsoft Access menu. Sometimes maligned, often misunderstood, ADPs provide a powerful alternative for creating a secure user interface to SQL Server data.

In addition to the basics, creating ADPs & connecting to data, you will see how easy it is to programmatically load data in forms and controls using ADO recordsets from SQL Server tables, views and even stored procedures. He'll even demonstrate how to completely obfuscate the data entirely from the user, drawing from multiple SQL Server databases at once.

Our presenter, Danny J. Lesandrini, a Microsoft Certified Professional in Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server, has been programming with Microsoft development tools since 1995. He maintains a web site with free code samples at and replies to all questions and comments sent to