Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Phil Ferrero, AFL Enterprises

Integrating Better Access Charts Into An Application

Phil Ferrero, AFL Enterprises

Take a real world journey into an Access application and the transformation from MSGraph.Chart.8 charts to the use of the Chartjs solution known as Better Access Charts (BAC) created by Thomas Moeller. We'll take a look at my prior attempt to integrate BAC 1.28.04 and my new attempt to integrate the latest version of BAC --> 2.30.02. Well look at differences, requirements, pitfalls, and what is the potential for this solution with the prospect of the new web browser control expected in April of 2023.

Phil is a database software developer and founder of AFL Enterprises, LLC, located in Denver, CO. Phil's been developing in Access for over 20 years and designs software database applications for all industries. A member of DAAUG since the early 2000s, Phil is an occasional presenter to the group and learns something new about the Access environment at every meeting. When Phil isn't coding a superb database app, he's either spending time with his family or training for a marathon.

Watch the recorded video of Integrating Better Access Charts Into An Application on our YouTube channel