Denver Area Access Users Group

General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, July 20, 2023

George Hepworth

Extending Access with a PowerApps Barcode Scanner

George Hepworth

The new Northwind 2.0 Access templates were released a few months ago. The Developer Edition template uses inventory management based on the method Allen Browne described in 2010. This method requires regular physical stocktake events so that database calculations start from known quantities on hand.

In this presentation, George Hepworth will demo a mobile application, using a bar code scanner, to conduct stocktakes in a warehouse location with or without a constant internet connection. This solution combines Access, PowerApps, and Dataverse components in a hybrid application you can replicate for your own clients.

George began his love affair with MS Access in the early 90’s when he was tapped to create a tracking system for the continuing education courses he and his colleagues wrote and sold. He decided that was more interesting than the writing side and began the transition. Over the next 25 years, George worked in a variety of environments as a database developer focusing on Access and later, SQL Server with Access. He authored or co-authored several books on Access and currently serves on the Administration team at UtterAccess.

Watch the recorded video of Extending Access with a PowerApps Barcode Scanner on our YouTube channel