The following User Group members have provided this information about their businesses and services they make available. The Denver Area Access Users Group does not endorse any businesses or certify the capabilities of any consultants, but simply provides this list as a "directory" of Denver area consultants.

DataOne, Inc.

James Pilcher, DAAUG Past President

(720) 301-0479

DataOne is your premier Front Range Microsoft Access consulting firm. Using only experienced consultants specializing in Microsoft Access, we do:

  • Microsoft Access developer since 1993
  • complete business information analysis
  • application design & development
  • SQL Azure web databases using Microsoft Access
  • Excel conversions
  • Complete Microsoft Office integration with Access databases

Our client list spans the telecommunications, healthcare, government, construction, publishing, and other industries.

DataOne is your first and best choice for powerful Microsoft Access solutions.

Scofield Business Services

M.L. "Sco" Scofield, DAAUG Past President

(303) 757-7768

No job is too small or too big. Want to meet at a coffee shop for a couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon? Want advice on a project that you're working on? Need a couple of lines of VBA code to make that button work? Have a six or twelve month project? Scofield Business Services can help!

Sco Scofield is a Microsoft Access consultant and trainer in Denver, Colorado. He has been working with Access since Microsoft released version 1.0 in 1992. Sco designs and builds databases of all sizes for companies as small as one or two people all the way up to projects for the United States federal government. When not consulting, he teaches all levels of Access from the introductory level all the way through advanced programming. Sco is one of the most respected Access instructors in the country.

He has been an active member of the group for many years and has held several other offices including President. Sco has been a frequent speaker at the group helping others explore the various aspects of Access. When he is not training or consulting, Sco spends time helping other Access users in the Access newsgroups on the Internet.

Sco was awarded the prestigious "Microsoft MVP" award from 2001 to 2005 in recognition of the time he spent helping other Access users. Sco is a "Microsoft Certified Solution Developer," a "Microsoft Certified Professional," and is A+ certified.

Linx Consulting, Inc.

Patrick Headley, DAAUG Past President

(303) 916-5522 offers database application consulting services for small to medium sized organizations with or without an IT staff and large organizations with an IT staff who could use some extra help, including for-profit and non-profits. Linx Consulting, Inc. specializes in database application development using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, .NET, SQL Server and PostgreSQL Server and reporting tools including Microsoft Office, SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports. Linx Consulting can write a complete solution from the ground up, repair and/or enhance existing solutions and provide you with the additional expertise you need to complete your project. To find out more, please visit