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Past Presentations - 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Aaron Kogan

Access and Email: BFF’s (Best Buddies Forever)

Aaron Kogan

During this presentation we will explore several ways of integrating email into Microsoft Access. Included in this will be the new Access 2010 ‘Collect data by using e-mail messages’ feature (and one that Aaron custom built), Outlook integration, Gmail integration and how to send text messages (to a cell phone) from Access /email.

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS REQUESTED!: Please bring your laptop to the January meeting. Aaron will need people to send ‘reply responses’ during his presentation. You will be rewarded for you efforts.

Our presenter, Aaron Kogan, is the owner of SLM Data LLC. He has been developing databases for the National Park Service, The Nature Conservancy, The Maui Invasive Species Committee and many other companies since 2000. Aaron also dabbles in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) when he has a free moment. Aaron can be contacted at or check out SLM Data LLC’s website at

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paul Schnitzler

Building Great Looking Forms with Access 2010

Paul Schnitzler

Take a look at forms that were developed with older versions of Access and then compare to ones that were built with 2007 or 2010. The newer forms generally have a cleaner more modern look. We will take an in depth look at several new features that were introduced in 2007 and 2010…. Using Themes, The New Image Gallery, Control Grouping / Table Layout, Anchoring and Alternate Row Colors. I will also show a recent 2010 application that I put together in 20 hours. It is amazing what you can you can do with the power of Access.

Paul Schnitzler is a full time Access & SQL Server developer serving a wide variety of businesses. He has over 10 years of experience with Access and SQL Server.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jim Pilcher

Form Events

Jim Pilcher

Last month you saw many of the new features of forms in Access 2010. In March, Jim Pilcher will take you under to hood of Access forms and discuss the power of event procedures. This will be a VBA-centric discussion about how to harness the ultimate power hidden within Access forms. Jim will lead you through the most common and most powerful event procedures along your path from power user to experienced Access developer. Don't miss this presentation!

Jim Pilcher is president of DataOne, Inc., serving database clients in the Colorado Front Range and across the United States since 1997. Jim also served as DAAUG president from 2000 through 2007 and continues to do regular presentations at the DAAUG monthly meetings.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Access Excel Automation

Keith Poulin

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are a common interface for importing/exporting data into/from Microsoft Access. This presentation will cover the basic Excel capabilities that Access provides out of the box, as well as more advanced techniques for importing flexible spreadsheet formats and producing richly formatted Excel reports.

Keith is a software engineering consultant and co-founder of LKA Micro Services, Inc. located in Northern Colorado. Keith specializes in data driven application design and development using various technologies including .Net, Java, Access, SQL Server and Oracle.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Phillip Ferrero

The SideMenu

Phillip Ferrero

Phil found a very neat menu system on that he has deployed into an application. He will show you how you can integrate it into your own programs.

Phil Ferrero is an IT professional with a public health, accounting, finance, operational, and managerial background. I design database applications for small to mid-size organizations that need a simple solution for integrating technology into their business processes.

~ Microsoft Access Database Design and Programming

~ Relational Database Design

~ VBA, DAO and ADO, MS Office integration

~ XML data manipulation and integration

~ 10 years of MS Access development experience and 15+ years of IT-related experience.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Paul Schnitzler

Google Maps from Access

Paul Schnitzler

Due to a family emergency our original presenter had to cancel. Paul Schnitzler put together a last minute presentation on how to generate Google maps from Access. Several examples were presented from basic single address to an advanced process that he recently deployed that generates points and routes

Paul Schnitzler is a full time Access & SQL Server developer serving a wide variety of businesses. He has over 10 years of experience with Access and SQL Server. Paul is frequent presenter at the Denver Area Access Users Group and in his second term as DAAUG Vice President. Visit his web site at

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Uncle Sam

No Meeting due to the 4th of July

Uncle Sam

With this being the evening before the 4th of July we expected a very low attendance. At the June meeting we discussed and decide to cancel this meeting. Have a happy 4th and we will see everyone at the August meeting.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Patrick Headley

Patrick Saves The Day

Patrick Headley

Patrick stepped up and covered a last minute cancelation…. showing us an Access SQL server solution that he is working on.

Patrick Headley is a database application consultant developing applications in Microsoft Access, .Net, ColdFusion, PHP, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. He has been in the Microsoft Access development world since 1997 and has had his own company, Linx Consulting, Inc., since 2003. Patrick is also the current president of the Denver Area Access Users Group.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Show and Tell of 3 Real Life Databases

David Nealey, M. L. "Sco" Scofield, and Paul Schnitzler

Presentation #1

David Nealey has been using MS Access as a business management tool since 2000. As a business consultant he has in-depth experience with the proposal development life cycle. David has used his business experience to build an Access 2007 application that features executive dashboards, text-to-speech, addresses-to-Bing maps, questionnaires, and checklists. The application generates numerous company-branded resumes and project descriptions based on the government's Standard Form 330 (SF330). The power of the application is enabled through linkages between modules (e.g., corporate, client, contracts, competitor, and industry). For example, a person's jobs can be linked to specific contracts (also called projects), and partners can be linked to specific contracts. The application currently contains almost 200 tables, about 200 forms, and a similar number of reports. The application supports each phase of proposal development: pre-proposal (capture), proposal development, proposal review, production, orals proposal, and post-proposal. The application ensures that users have access to high-quality and up-to-date information. The tool allows proposal managers to manage the proposal development process from start to finish using industry best practices.

Presentation #2

Brad Critchfield, President of KeepTraK Corporation, will be presenting his company’s facilities and equipment maintenance software, KeepTraK. Like so many programs, KeepTraK started life as an in-house application. It was originally written by Brad’s father, Jerry, when he worked at the Rocky Mountain Newspaper. Jerry originally wrote KeepTraK in Dartmouth Basic. Over the years it was converted to dBase and then Paradox. In 1997 KeepTraK was converted to Microsoft Access where it currently remains. Unlike so many programs that remain in-house applications for their entire lifetime, KeepTraK became a commercial program that has been sold for many years starting with its dBase version back in the 1980s. Brad will be assisted by long time DAAUG member Sco Scofield that has been helping Brad with several enhancements over the past year.

Presenter Brad Critchfield, President of KeepTraK Corporation, has been working with Access since 2002. He has worked on KeepTraK with his dad for many years. To learn more about KeepTraK, see their website at

Co-presenter, M. L. "Sco" Scofield, is a Microsoft Access consultant and trainer in Denver, Colorado. You can see Sco's company profile on our DAAUG web site consultants list at and on his web site at

Presentation #3

Paul Schnitzler will show a recent application that he put together if time allows. The whole program was completed is less than 40 hours… simple but with some unique requirements for a Colorado mine. It replaced an out of control Excel work book the was used by 3 to 4 users and automated a graphical report that was being done manually

Paul Schnitzler if a full time Access & SQL Server developer serving a wide variety of business. He has over 13 year of experience with Access and SQL Server.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jim Pilcher

Ribbons Redux

Jim Pilcher

This month we take another look at the Microsoft Office Ribbon object model. Jim Pilcher will show you how to use the IDE Ribbon Creator as a creative tool, but will then venture into custom hand-written ribbons. Ribbons and VBA are tightly associated in Microsoft Access.Jim will show you some common techniques to get ribbons and VBA talking to each other. Jim will also provide an impressive and daunting list of web resources that can help you become the Office UI guru you always wanted to be.

Jim Pilcher is a prominent Microsoft Access developer in the Colorado Front Range, having worked with Access professionally since its introduction in 1992. Jim’s company, DataOne, Inc., maintains a broad clientele base providing database solutions for local and state-wide enterprises, as well as large international companies. A frequent presenter at the Denver Area Access Users Group, Jim served eight terms as its President, and five terms in other DAAUG capacities. Visit his web site at

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Kevin Bell

Access 20th anniversary "World Tour”

Kevin Bell

Join us for this special evening to take a look back at the origins of Access, how it evolved and where it is going. We will start by looking back 20 years ago at the first release of Microsoft Access, and how it has evolved over the years into a robust client server front-end. Then we will explore the 11th release of Access, the new Access 2013. Access 2013 takes a dramatic new approach to creating databases application and we will explore its architecture and features. We will also discuss how your existing Access skills can be leveraged with Access 2013.

Kevin is a testing software engineer on the Microsoft Access team in Redmond Washington. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2008, he spent 15 years running a consulting practice that specialized in creating custom client server applications for small businesses. Kevin has been working with Microsoft Access since version 1.0 and SQL Server since version 4.21.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Annual Holiday Party

No Main Presentation - It's the Annual Christmas Holiday Party! The majority of the meeting is for members and visitors to meet, eat well, relax, and chat.