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Past Presentations - 2018

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

George Young

Analyze This! The Power of the Access Table Analyzer Wizard

George Young

One of Access's many great strengths is its power as a gatherer and merger of heterogenous data. Ever had to pull in data from an Excel spreadsheet, csv file, or other flat file format? In this presentation, we'll look at the surprising power of the Access Table Analyzer Wizard, an underappreciated little tool on the Database Tools tab that lets you normalize a flat file table lickety-split. We'll walk through some simple and not-so-simple real-world scenarios of getting your data normalized using this little hidden gem of a tool.

Also at this meeting, we will have an open forum to talk about the user group, and our annual officer elections!

George first encountered Microsoft Access when using the thirty-plus floppy disk versions of Office to teach Statistics and MIS in the early 1990’s. It’s been true love ever since. George has worked as a software developer for the past twenty-five years, half of that time at Microsoft (in just about every group other than Office). He is the founder and president of Dawson Butte Software, working primarily on .NET applications (often with Access somewhere in the mix). George still has a commercial site or two that is driven by an Access database sitting in the server file system.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Paul Schnitzler

PowerApps for the Access Developer

Paul Schnitzler

Do you need to extend your Access applications to remote users? See a deployed real-life example of how PowerApps, SQL Server and Access is leveraged to provide a robust Office and Field facing solution.

We will discuss...

  • What PowerApps Is and Is Not
  • Why and when to choose PowerApps
  • Where can I get resources to help me learn
  • The PowerApps Designer
  • How Access interacts with the data inflows from PowerApps

Paul Schnitzler is a fulltime Access & SQL Server and now PowerApps developer, serving a wide variety of businesses. He has over 18 years of experience with Access and SQL Server. Visit his web site at

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Christian Steppat

How to use Outlook to collect data for Microsoft Access

Christian Steppat

Ever had to pull in data from a web contact form or shop system? Normally not a big deal, but in real life the webhosters denies you any "outside" permission to their database. So forget permissions, firewall headaches or IT departments that will give you a rough time. We'll walk through an alternative simple solution; leverage Outlook to collect data for Microsoft Access.

Christian Steppat is a database developer and owner of the CRM (Customer Relations Management) application called SuccessControl (CRM). Christian sells his SuccessControl (CRM) to customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Ken Mulvihill

Access – The Great Manipulator

Ken Mulvihill

DAAUG Board Member Ken Mulvihill will show us how easy it is to work with external data as it’s imported into Microsoft Access. Look for examples using the built-in Import/Export capabilities, the FileDialog method to find and save your external files, and finally, how to manipulate your external data with VBA prior to a final import into your data tables. Don’t miss this presentation if you work with data!

After leaving the industrial distribution industry at age 59, Ken began to re-invent himself as a data analyst. He received an AAS in Database Administration from Red Rocks Community College in 2011. New Data Design LLC was the culmination of 30 plus years of business experience with a new set of tools and technologies. The goals are still the same – save the client time, money, or make their job easier. After 2-1/2 years with Red Rocks Community College writing automation applications utilizing Access, Excel and SQL Server for data collection, analysis, and compliance reporting, Ken is now the Access Database Developer for Void Form Products in Englewood, CO.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Meeting Cancelled

Our May presenter, Sawyer Kelly of Microsoft, has just this month been transferred to the Seattle area and will not be available to present, so we are cancelling our May meeting. Congratulations and best wishes to Sawyer, and see you all at our next meeting, June 5th, with Access MVP Armen Stein!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Michal Bar and Armen Stein

Double Feature: "New Access Charts" and "Start Your Project Right"

Michal Bar and Armen Stein

Join us at the brand new (and very cool) Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) Envisioning Center for a special evening of Access information from two industry leaders!

Access PM Michal Bar will be visiting us from Redmond to present the new charting capabilities in Access. She will also hold an Access developer round-table before the meeting (contact if you'd like to participate).

Following Michal's presentation, J Street Technology President and Access MVP Armen Stein will present how to successfully manage an Access project. Armen will discuss how J Street plans Access and web projects from hundreds of hours to thousands, and he’ll leave you with samples and tools that you can use.

Michal Bar is a Senior Program Manager in Microsoft and the product lead and champion for Access since 2014. Prior to Microsoft, Michal spent 10 years at Intel’s mobile division, mainly focused on SQL based solutions for microprocessors validation processes. She has served as a press non-commissioned officer in the IDF, and holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems engineering from the Technion institute of Technology in Israel. She feels honored to be part of the Access team, with the opportunity to make an impact on the product and millions of engaged customers all over the world.

Armen Stein is the founder and president of J Street Technology, a Microsoft Partner located near Seattle. J Street is a team of developers with expertise in building custom Access desktop and ASP.NET web applications. Armen is a Microsoft Certified Professional, an Access MVP since 2006, and has spoken at many user groups and conferences, including Microsoft TechEd, Office DevCon in Australia, Denver Dev Day, the PAUG Conference, and the UK Access User Group in London. Armen is co-author of Access 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference (Wrox). His other interests include travel, photography, Kauai, backgammon, movies, and driving his 1969 Ford Bronco in the sun.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

No July Meeting Due to July 4 Holiday

Due to our July meeting falling on the day before the 4th, we have cancelled the July meeting this year. Enjoy your holiday, and see you in August!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Member Show and Share

Come see what your fellow members have been up to with Access! Join us for an evening of folks sharing cool features of their Access applications. We'll have four or five 20-minute presentations, with Q&A.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Jim Pilcher

Modern Charting with Access O365/2019

Jim Pilcher

Do you need charts to wow your clients? Do you need pretty pictures to cover up disappointing district sales? Ditch the old Microsoft Graph (circa 1997) look and join the brave new world of charting in Microsoft Access O365 and Access 2019 (coming soon to a download near you). Your DAAUG vice president, Jim Pilcher, will outline the history of graphing within Microsoft Access as well as discuss some of the features found in the newly-available charting options. Jim will also go into more depth with demonstrations and manipulation of most chart types that are now shipping as native options for Access O365 and the upcoming Access 2019. Miss this presentation and you will miss the big picture, quite literally! We look forward to seeing you on September 4th.

Jim Pilcher, the current DAAUG Vice-President, is a prominent Microsoft Access developer in the Colorado Front Range, having worked with Access professionally since its introduction in 1992. Jim’s company, DataOne, Inc., maintains a broad clientele base providing database solutions for local and state-wide enterprises, as well as large international companies. A frequent presenter at the Denver Area Access Users Group, Jim has served eight terms as its President, and five terms in other DAAUG capacities. Visit his web site at

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Lee Milligan

Two Decades of Access Integration: The evolution of Access applications in a network distributed environment

Lee Milligan

DAAUG Treasurer Lee Milligan will show a number of Access databases from over a 15+ year time span and their integration with related data sources and front-end counterpart web applications. He will also review the advantages of the databases and previous processes replaced by their core functionality.

Lee entered the IT/Software Development market in 1999 with an emphasis on Microsoft Access database creation and support of existing network distributed database applications. He soon began VBA (Visual Basic for Applications), SQL Server, and .NET development as technologies evolved. Several of his Microsoft Access database applications are still deployed in production after 18 years and have stood the test of time through over five versions of Microsoft Access.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Jim Pilcher

Reports, Sub Reports, and Banishing VBA

Jim Pilcher

Complicated business requirements can sometimes require complicated reporting. Many of us immediately start thinking VBA as a way to enhance and extend the Microsoft Access reporting environment. Unfortunately, that sometimes can turn into a rat’s nest of code and unnecessary complexity. In our November meeting, DAAUG Vice President Jim Pilcher will demonstrate creative use of subreports to reduce and eliminate VBA code in a complex situation dictated by a client’s requirements. He will first show you a VBA solution and then, understanding how subreports behave in Access, how he virtually eliminated behind-the-scenes VBA manipulation with a creative and atypical approach to sub reports. At the end of the meeting you should have some fresh ideas about how to apply your own creative solutions to Access reporting. Bonus: If time permits, Jim will also give a brief overview of the powerful command line options when starting up Microsoft Access.

Jim Pilcher, the current DAAUG Vice-President, is a prominent Microsoft Access developer in the Colorado Front Range, having worked with Access professionally since its introduction in 1993. Jim’s company, DataOne, Inc., maintains a broad clientele base providing database solutions for local and state-wide enterprises, as well as large international companies. A frequent presenter at the Denver Area Access Users Group, Jim has served twelve terms as its President, and eight terms in other DAAUG capacities. Visit his web site at

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Annual Christmas Holiday Party

No Main Presentation - It's the Annual Christmas Holiday Party! The majority of the meeting is for members and visitors to meet, eat well, relax, and chat.