General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Be the Master of Your Controls

Danny Lesandrini

"Be the Master of Controls"

After the tables are set, it's all about controls. Labels, text boxes, subforms and a cornicopia of others are at your disposal. Danny Lesandrini will show you how to bring them to heel using VBA code. Some of the techniques covered include:

  • Change the font, backcolor and style of a text box
  • Show and hide controls dynamically
  • Load label captions based on table-driven values
  • Resize subforms when parent form resizes

Virtually all control properties (with a few exceptions) can be set from your VBA code. See how to make your forms more flexible and extensible. Pick up tips on constructing a more user-friendly interface. Learn how to become the Master of Your Controls.

Our presenter, Danny J. Lesandrini, a Microsoft Certified Professional in Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server, has been programming with Microsoft development tools since 1995. He maintains a web site with free code samples at and replies to all questions and comments sent to