General Meeting Presentation

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Annual Holiday Party<BR/>Let’s Build an Application from Scratch - Part 1

Jim Pilcher

It's the Annual Holiday Party!
"Let’s Build an Application from Scratch"

It’s often said that the most common type of Access database is the one you inherit. This month we will do the uncommon thing and assemble a new database from scratch during the DAAUG meeting. Discover some of the reasoning that goes into table, menu, and form design when handling a totally new application. Your Lab Director, Jim Pilcher, will guide the audience through this participative exercise. The resulting application will be available to those who bring a USB flash drive with them on this evening.

Jim Pilcher is a prominent Microsoft Access developer in the Colorado front range area, having worked with Access professionally since 1992. A Microsoft Certified Professional, Jim’s company, DataOne, Inc., maintains a broad clientele base providing Access & SQL Server solutions for local enterprises and large international companies.