General Meeting Presentation

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phillip Ferrero

XML Interaction with Access - XML Data Manipulation Using The DOM

Phillip Ferrero

Topics covered:

~ What is XML?

~ XML interaction through Access menus (2007,2010)

~ DOM object

~ Using the DOM for XML /Access interactions – code examples of XML file confirmation, importing, exporting, creation, transformation, and web file downloads

~ Real-world examples of XML Access interactions

Phil Ferrero is an IT professional with a public health, accounting, finance, operational, and managerial background. I design database applications for small to mid-size organizations that need a simple solution for integrating technology into their business processes.

~ Microsoft Access Database Design and Programming

~ Relational Database Design

~ VBA, DAO and ADO, MS Office integration

~ XML data manipulation and integration

~ 10 years of MS Access development experience and 15+ years of IT-related experience.